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Detective Conan Rewatch: Movie 05

Movie 05: “Countdown to Heaven”

Before watching this episode, on a scale of 1-10, how much are you looking forward to seeing it again?

WOOOOO!!! Black Organization making their movie debut! 10!

Favorite screencap:


Favorite moment:

"I bet you two are lying about your ages!"

'You got that right…'

"And I’ve started to notice Haibara-san lately too…Am I a horrible man to be fond of two girls at once?!"

Darling, you’re six/seven. I think you’ll be fine. ^^;

This shouldn’t be funny, but it is now that I’ve noticed it. xD;; About 5 minutes beforehand, the Moriya student mentions how no one uses drafting tables anymore. What does Agasa have behind him? A drafting board. loooooooooooooool.

So your not-girlfriend’s best friend is about to be shot. You need to get her out of harm’s way quickly. What do you do?


If you guessed: “Tell her her panties are showing” you guessed correctly! :D

Reason #563 why Ran is awesome and Shin’ichi is the luckiest damn guy in the world.

Reason #1056 why Conan is awesome but really damn reckless. :D;

I don’t care that even with the physics explanation that this is highly unlikely to have really worked, this scene is awesome. :D

"Where did you learn to drive?"

"In Hawaii with my fath—-!"

So everyone! Did you spot all of the Gosho keyframes? Here there are!:

Least favorite moment:

*pleasantly surprised* Oh hey, TMS actually left in my favorite title seque———


WHAT THE F*** IS THAT?! THAT’S THE WORST DAMN LOGO I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! D: (And yes, then TMS proceeds to screw up the opening credits, as always.)


I understand your rage man, but uh…killing two people with the intent on killing three is a bit extreme. :|

What’s one thing you noticed/realized about this episode that you hadn’t before?

Right, let’s get this whole pile of awkward out of the way:

  • Yes, those buildings are referred to as the Twin Tower Buildings.
  • Yes, this movie was released in 2001.
  • No, 9/11 had not occurred yet when this was released.
  • No, the buildings do not get damaged by aircraft; they are bombed.

Nishitama City (or West Tama City, whatever you prefer) is in fact the city Teiji Moriya was redesigning.

319 meters = 1046.6 feet

294 meters = 964.6 feet

For comparison:

  • Eiffel Tower - 320 meters (1050 feet)
  • Tokyo Tower - 332 meters (1091 feet)
  • Empire State Building - 381 meters (1250 feet)
  • CN Tower - 553.3 meters (1815.4 feet)
  • Canton Tower - 600 meters (1968.5 feet)
  • Tokyo Sky Tree (current tallest man-made tower) - 634 meters (2080 feet)
  • Burj Khalifa (current tallest man-made structure) - 829.8 meters (2723 feet)

Yeah, it’s Momotarou in romaji on Haibara’s computer again.

We don’t get to see the picture now, but don’t worry, we’ll see older Ran in one of the OVAs. (And an older “Conan” for good measure.)

…”Cow Burger”…

Heeeey…I recognize that ferris wheel light pattern. It’s the ferris wheel footage from the night scene in Tropical Land from the previous movie. (Dear god, what has this rewatch done to me…?)

The picture of his son appears to have been taken in Tropical Land as well.

"A game that takes after the name of my late father Kanenari Tokiwa."

Get it? “Toki” meaning “Time”. (Japanese puns…)

Ooooh, right. The lady with the crying baby that accidentally leads Kogoro to win the game leaves the room to take care of her child. That’s why the group comes across her later on a different floor (and why the animation staff bothers to show her leave the room in the first place). Forgot about her…

Hunh. The labels on the gin bottles are all real.

(Interestingly, all are British gin.)

"Sorry, but as a detective I cannot allow you to die."

Yeah, I’d say Moonlight Sonata continues to haunt our little detective. :/

PHYSICS! …We’ll just ignore the fact we tend to ignore them in the show normally…*stares at the Turbo Engine Skateboard*

Uh….TMS? Why are we now having the opposite problem? It’s great to see the live action ending footage, but now the movie scenes that play over top are missing. :| Well, I guess it’s still better than a still image…

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this episode?
As if I’d give this anything less than a 10. HAH.

Celebrate it!
Since I don’t have access to a tablet and am too lazy to scan a drawing, have a (not exactly) summary haiku.

The Black Org. appear

An unusual motive

Escape from buildings

Next Episode: Episode 232

Previous Episode: Episode 230-231

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