Detective Conan Rewatch

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Anonymous asked: I was wondering if the anime will feature the scarlet parts of the manga? why is it that they don't "go together"?

1) Yes, I’d imagine the Detective Conan anime would eventually get to the Scarlet arc of the manga in its anime broadcast.


I’m afraid I don’t understand your second question, sorry. :(

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Anonymous asked: Are the remasters done randomly or is there a particular order/priority?


Your guess is as good as mine. Sometimes it seems the remastered are done according to which characters or events appear/occur in them. For example, before movie 18 was released in Japan, they aired remastered versions of The Man from Chicago.

As for the ones that seem completely random, like this past week’s airing of a remastered Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary School Case, notta clue!

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Anonymous asked: Your 5 favorite OTPs ? ^-^

In DC/MK in no particular order:

  • Shin’ichi x Ran
  • Heiji x Kazuha
  • Kaito x Aoko
  • Takagi x Sato
  • Kogoro x Eri (I’m easily amused by these two)

Other anime/manga outside of DC/MK:

  • Mamoru x Usagi (Sailor Moon)
  • Haruka x Michiru (Sailor Moon)
  • Tamaki x Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)
  • Asuka Jr. x Meimi (Kaitou Saint Tail)
  • Kenshin x Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)

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Anonymous asked: I remember a few months ago I had this idea of drawing a DC parody of Kiki's Delivery Service. I wanted to call it Ran's Delivery Service and draw her as a little cute witch with her mother's cat and meet Shinichi the young detective enthusiast. Sadly I never got to it but I might draw it soon :D Do you like it?

Cute! Sounds like it’ll be a great drawing. :)

I am curious if you were aware that the original Japanese version of Kiki’s Delivery Service actually has a few Detective Conan voice actors in it.

  • Kiki (and Ursula) - Minami Takayama (Conan)
  • Tombo - Kappei Yamaguchi (Shin’ichi and Kaito)
  • Captain of the airship - Akio Ohtsuka (Juugo and Sango Yokomizo)

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Anonymous asked: Can you tell me which episode that Phantom Lady and Kaito Kid first met? The manga chapters are chap 29 and 30, but I can't find anime episode about this case. Please reply me, thanks :) (p/s: sorry for my bad english >_<)

The reason you can’t find one is because those chapters haven’t been animated yet! :)

So far in the anime Phantom Lady has only been mentioned in Conan & Kid’s Battle for Ryoma’s Treasure. We haven’t seen how the original Kaitou Kid (Toichi) and Phantom Lady (Chikage) met in anime form yet. :)

Something to look forward to in the future, I guess!

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Anonymous asked: Hi. I really looooove your rewatch project since I am also a fan of Detective Conan. I read the manga but watch only few of the anime episodes and movies, so your tumblr is really helpful. Er, I wonder if I can use your pattern? I mean the favorite moments, least favorite moments etc. I'm also planning to do something like this, but not quite and not DC, I think you're enough. :D Btw, good work with this! <3

Sure thing! I borrowed the setup from a series of Sailor Moon rewatch posts I used to see go across my dashboard a few years ago, after all.

Have fun and thank you for the compliment! :)

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