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Anonymous asked: Is it just me or is the art style of Magic Kaito 1412 very different from the one in the main Detective Conan anime and Magic Kaito specials? It feels cheap to me and I just can't get into Magic Kaito 1412 with it.

It’s extremely different. The reason being is that Magic Kaito 1412 is being done by an entirely different animation company ergo none of the same staff members/animators are working on it.

TMS does Detective Conan and the original Magic Kaito specials, but Magic Kaito 1412 is being done by A-1 Pictures.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know what episode is where Conan is singing? The song is boku ga iru .

It’s from the New Year’s greeting segment of Episode 425: Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out. The video clip itself is only 40 seconds long, but a full version of Conan’s version of the song was released on Magician of the Silver Sky’s OST (and I think maybe on another CD, but I know it’s on the movie 8 OST for sure).

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Anonymous asked: How could it make sense if Conan and Haibara got together? I can understand why people ship them because they work really well together, however if Gosho were to use it in the story it would make plot holes, change the characters too much and ruin so many threads to the main story, especially to stories before Haibara came into the picture.

You’d have to ask the ConAi shippers. I don’t follow the pairing personally.

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among-grown-ups asked: So I was wondering, you have said multiple times that you only ship (or at least support) canon pairings in Detective Conan, like Shinichi/Ran or Kazuha/Heiji. Is that just in Detective Conan or is it the way you feel about non-canon pairings in general?


The canon pairings for a series are usually the ones I show the most support for. But I do enjoy the non-canon ones (or in the case of some series, abandoned pairings) too.

Some non-canon DC pairings I like:

  • Shin’ichi x Heiji
  • Shin’ichi x Kaito
  • Kaito x Hakuba
  • Ran x Sera
  • Conan x Physics

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